Tungz Drop Karaoke Video For The Track “Can’t We Just Be Friends Again”

Bristol, England band Tungz has dropped a karaoke video for their new song “Can’t We Just Be Friends Again,” after a request from fans. If your curious to see how this idea came about, the band says ““A fan on Instagram @r.evolver aka Molly Cheek shared our new single with the caption “petition for Tungz to do karaoke”. We shared it and a bunch of people signed so we thought we’d give the people what they want: an opportunity to be a virtual member of the band Tungz. We used technology to create immersive and realistic worlds for people to escape into as they sing our song. We thought it would be cool for one low key caption to turn into a whole thing.The whole band doesn’t live together, but we wanted us all to be in it, so we had everyone set up green screens (mainly bedsheets) at home and rock out along to the track. Even for us, it was nice to see us all on one screen again. It’s a dumb relic of ‘that time we all weren’t allowed in each other’s houses and everyone had way too much free time’. Plus we learned some Japanese along the way.”

The band will be releasing a new EP this fall.

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