Justin Bieber: Believe Acoustic

justin bieber believe acoustic album

Teenage music sensations are gaining ground in popular music and Justin Bieber is no exception.  Six years after his start on Youtube, he is back with his second acoustic album Believe Acoustic. The album features nine tracks from his latest album Believe and three new tracks. While Bieber is not a popular choice among adult music fans, this acoustic effort may give way to a change of heart. If nothing else Bieber’s young fan base which is made up entirely of teenage girls will eat it up and want more from the singer.

Believe Acoustic gives fans a more intimate feel than his typical bubblegum pop albums. The production has a more stripped down and raw feel, going back to Justin’s days of playing his guitar outside the Avon Theatre in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. No fancy sounds and effects, just a voice and guitar, which works in Justin’s favor.

The first song on the album is a bare bones version of his hit song Boyfriend.  Justin’s vocals in this song are strong and show how much his voice has matured over his career.  The guitar is a nice accompaniment as well.  “She Don’t Like the Lights” is another solid track that leaves one to wonder how Justin will sound when he enters his 20’s and beyond.  While the guitar playing is not great, it suits the purpose of this album, which show’s a softer side of Bieber when it comes to his music, something that is not seen too often.  Take You is a strong song musically, but Justin’s vocals seem to waver a bit on this cut, as he seems to be mumbling the words, but towards the middle of the song he picks it up and finishes the song on a high note. Fall is by far the best song on the record. The music and vocals are well done, letting the listener relax and let everything fall away.

While Justin’s latest effort at an acoustic album will take several listens for many adult music fans to recognize his talent, Bieber’s fans will love the record as it gives them a taste of Bieber’s roots and how he got his start.

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