Wage War shares music video for “Don’t Let Fade Away”

Wage War has released the music video for “Don’t Let Me Fade Away” which you can check out below. Vocalist Cody Quistad says the following about the bands upcoming record Deadweight, due out August 4th on Fearless Records.

“We are so thrilled to finally announce our new album, Deadweight. We’ve put so much time, effort, and emotion into making what we think is the best and truest Wage War album,” says guitarist and vocalist Cody Quistad. “Lyrically, it’s the most vulnerable and honest we’ve ever done. Musically, we really pushed ourselves on the heavy and melodic sides of our band. “Stitch” was an insight to the heavy and now we give you a melodic answer, “Don’t Let Me Fade Away”.

“This record was exceptionally hard to pick singles for because of how much time and work we put into making every song a great one.” “‘Don’t Let Me Fade Away’ was always a stand out from the beginning. It’s all the elements that make up our band in one song, and in a perfected state. We’re very excited for all that’s ahead!”

The band will be kicking off a tour to support the record this week with ’68 and Every Time I Die.

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