You, Me, and Everyone We Know sign with new label, announce new EP


You, Me, and Everyone We Know have signed to new Nashville independent label South By Sea Music. In addition to their label signing, they have also announced that they will be releasing a new EP titled Dogged which will be on March 17th, 2015. A press release and track listing can be found below and an EP teaser can be found here.

In 2011, YMAEWK frontman Ben Liebsch’s struggled with addiction and mental instabilities that cost him his bandmates and damn near his life. After a humbling dose of reality, some serious introspection and years of sobriety he’s emerged revitalized with new found clarity and ready to embrace the life of a full-time musician and all of the responsibilities it entails.

“Almost four years ago, the band fell apart at the hands of my drinking and mental issues,” Liebsch admits. “Too many times for me to count, I had been less of a man than I planned. Since all that, I came back to Baltimore and did what one does when you don’t have a van to live in anymore. I went home and moved back in with my mom, got a job and started working. The last three years have been me trying everyday to be a good person, live a little less in the grey and to get back on my feet and get back up, as far as the band is concerned.”

Today, Liebsch is nearly four years sober and ready to rebuild You Me And Everyone We Know. Up first is a new EP, entitled Dogged, which is slated for release on March 17th, through a new partnership with South By Sea Music.

“I have a hunger for groundwork and grassroots growth and I believe resting on one’s laurels is the quickest route to stagnation,” says Liebsch. “Everyone at South By Sea has a resume that they could easily cruise on if they so chose, but they opted for the latter: building something new. Each individual’s years of experience along with their collective work ethic and eagerness to do the harder, right, and ultimately more satisfying thing made the decision to trust this label with my livelihood a lot easier.”

“I don’t use the word “honored” lightly, and I can say, with absolute conviction, that South By Sea Music; as a label and as music lovers, are truly honored to get to be a part of exposing this new release from You, Me and Everyone We Know to the world,” adds South By Sea Music A&R rep Dave Conway.

Additional details of the upcoming EP, as well as pre-order information will be announced in the coming weeks. Follow the band at for further updates.

1. Raise Them Bones
2. Does It Amaze Thee?
3. I’d Rather Be Sleeping
4. Eat My Hands
5. Brooks Was Here
6. A Pleasant Bummer

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