Zyles Shares New Single “Slow Learner”

Bay Area musician Zyles has shared his new summer jam “Slow Learner” which you can check out below. Releasing his single “Sundresses” last year, Zyles says about his latest work, “‘Slow Learner’ epitomizes summertime Zyles,” says Zyles. “It’s carefree, flirty, and full of an openness I associate with escaping the grind of the day-to-day. In last year’s warmer season single “Sundresses” we were on vacation in wine country. This time, we’re on an airplane, where we’re confronted with a great meeting story: the narrator on a business trip and a vacationing neighbor. Watch out for great meeting stories though. I have a cousin who met her ex-husband on an airplane. It turned out to be a lousy marriage despite the great meeting.”

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