Brando Albers: Fading Away


Song List: Future World, Nothing Left To Be Afraid Of, Lakes Of Burden, Procrastinate, Wash Away Your Tears, Chase Your Shadow, Your Kisses Are Mine, Fall In Love, Worked Out, Fading Away

Brando Albers album Fade Away is a great album that treats the listener to a flood of sounds, leaving the listener wondering what they will hear next. This is an emotional album, epitomized by its nearly-title track, “Fading Away,” with its reverberating vocals adding an intensity to the song that glues listeners to their seats.

Brando works hard to make sure his listeners feel the emotions that flow through this, and each song on the album. Along that vein, “Nothing Left To Be Afraid Of” is a creatively appealing endeavor, and what stands out about it in particular are its lyrics.

As the world is falling apart, turn and look the other way.
He said… I’ve got nothing left to be afraid of.
He looked back into his life, there is nothing left for him now to reclaim.
He said… I’ve got nothing left to be afraid of.”

Brando’s lyrics take his audience into his head and paint a picture of sadness and love, with the music providing a beautiful and interesting backdrop to illustrate his joy, pain, and his entire life’s experience.

“Lakes of Burden” paints a more dreary picture, speaking of friends severing ties, conveying that its narrator is mentally in a dark place. While this song drags on musically, its lyrics and composition convey a crystal clear state of mind.

Brando Albers is a talented artist who has taken computer-generated music to a higher mentally conscious level. Fade Away is carefully written, covering a range of tough emotions that listeners of all backgrounds might relate to.

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