Angels and Airwaves confirm new album will not be titled Poet


In a lengthy update, Angels and Airwaves confirm that the new album will not be titled Poet. You can read the update below.

We are on the horizon of a new chapter! We are so excited that we will finally be releasing new material in more ways than one so soon. We are so thankful to all our members that have been with us since the very beginning and have been apart of our adventure with the GOLD Packages. it was a completely new frontier for us and we made some pretty cool shit together. That said we know there are ways we can improve. So this quarter is the last quarter we will be offering our traditional GOLD Packages for $60. GOLD XIII will be the last one..

Moving forward, we are planning on rolling out an all-new late this summer! We loved this site when it first came out for L)VE.. but lets face it, it’s time to modernize a little bit! Before the end of the summer we will unveil a new that will be simplified, more sophisticated and easier to use. We will include one-account user experiences so accounts can merge with AVAshop and you will be able to easily track orders, view your order history, update your subscriptions, access digital downloads and more.

On launch, the new membership plan will have a low affordable base price and then you’ll have tons of options to customize your membership with every member having access to exclusive products at different price points. No longer will you have to pay $60 and wait 3-6 months to get your goods. Prices will range from low to high, with quicker turnaround times, including on-demand member products you can get instantly. Its been a learning curve for us and we’re excited to take what we’ve learned make the site so much better.

We will also be introducing a member-only ticketing system for upcoming shows!!! Pretty rad that we’ll be able to launch with our own ticketing system and if all goes according to plan we should have a few shows up when we launch!!!

Shortly after the site goes live we will be helping To The Stars, Inc. (Tom’s new entertainment division of Really Likeable People) introduce POET… our long awaited vigilante who invades your dreams and fights your nightmares. To The Stars is working hard to create and finalize the characters, storyline, art, animation, books, toys and everything else that will eventually be a part of the POET media brand. AVA is just one piece of the puzzle that will help tell the initial part of the story then POET will continue on to exist in its own world. We will have Tom explain as we get closer.

Shortly after POET is introduced to the public.. we’ll get to what everyone is waiting MUSIC! Around Halloween AVA will release their next full length album. We are so excited and cant wait for you to hear the music! Members will definitely get an inside exclusive look at recording, music videos, album reveals and more. The actual album title will be revealed closer to the release date, but to give you an insiders look now… it will not be called POET. The album concept will be taken from themes and characters from the POET storyline (dreams, nightmares, love, loss, hope, science fiction) but the album will focus on its own interpretation through the band members and the music. WE CANT WAIT!

So I think thats a good little sneak peak into the future for today!! Of course things are constantly changing, but we will be working towards keeping this timeline as close as we can. We’ll keep you updated as soon as anything specific gets dialed in and look forward to unveiling everything to you over the coming months.

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