Freddie Future Shines On New Single “Loving You (So High)”

Freddie Future returns with his latest single “Loving You (So High)” which you can take a listen to below. Currently based in Toronto, Freddie dropped his debut album in 2019, featuring the single “Too Heavy.” As he returns to releasing new music, he said the following about sharing “Loving You (So High)” with the world. “’Loving You (So High)’ was the first track written for this new project, and instantly I knew there was something special here. The song is about being so consumed with a desire for someone that their love feels like the best drug you could ever have. It’s that ultimate state of euphoria you feel when you truly love that person. The song started with a few vibey chords but really came together once the catchy vocal hook was made. “I get so high off loving you. So high, so high, so high”.”


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