Jess Kemp releases new single “Vondelpark”

Jess Kemp has released her new single “Vondelpark” which you can stream below via Spotify.

Speaking about the track’s beginnings, Kemp says, “VondelPark” was born during my Amsterdam tour in 2016. The name – “VondelPark” is a bit of a giveaway. Being my first ever tour AND first ever overseas gig.. I was a nervous wreck, as well as playing these self booked and self promoted shows, I was sort of tour managing the whole thing. Those who were there saw the ups and downs of it all… I have to say  though, it was definitely the best time of my life! Setting up camp in the middle of VondelPark with my band, friends, family and a load of strangers just playing a load of my songs! This is where the lyrics “by the fountain on a lake in the park” came from.. because that’s what it was. The lyrics of this song really tell the story of the whole experience.”

Twitter photo: Trust A Fox Photography

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