LostBoyCrow Releases New Song “Since The Day I Was Born”

LostBoyCrow has released his latest song “Since The Day I Was Born,” which you can check out below. The track is the lead single off of his upcoming album Santa Fe, due out next year. Talking about his latest writing retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico and his childhood and his childhood in a new interview with Flaunt Magazine,  LostBoyCrow says, I returned with the majority of the album outlined and knew where I wanted it to live conceptually, so the song became a retrospective anthem for the place I had been writing from in Santa Fe. Exploring that peaceful disregard of the future uncertainty with gratitude for the past and where it has gathered me now with those I love.”There is much to learn when we are young and new, but I believe there is even more to unlearn by the time we get around to looking back.” My childhood is a place where my imagination runs free to this day. The truest sense of wonder has always brought me to the most wonderful places and people. I like to write about them from my place of wonderment.


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