Ted Jasper Drops New Single And Music Video For “Don’t Want It”

British musician Ted Jasper has dropped his latest single and music video for the song “Don’t Want It,” which you can check out below. Writing the track with London based producer Beni Giles, Jasper said the following about “Don’t Want It.” “Me and Beni were writing it together and coming up with the hook using computer-based software, and throughout the session we were talking about how there’s always this ‘new’ thing you need as a producer. When it comes to software and technology, it moves so fast and certain technology that you’ve just acquired becomes obsolete so quickly. There’s this constant change, and that’s where the chorus came from – ‘Need it but don’t want it.’ It’s about the necessity of having to have this thing to continue, even if you don’t particularly want it.”

Jasper released his EP One Day in 2018.

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