Angela Burns releases fiery mix tape with So That You Can Feel Better

angela burns

Los Angeles musician Angela Burns has released a solid debut with her latest mix tape So That You Can Feel Better. Blending grunge with influences from groups popular in the 90’s and 2000’s, Feel Better is a nod to all those era’s tastefully wrapped together in a record that rock fans will love. Opening with “All Together”, we become acquainted with Burns and her hardened edges which pique our interest, as Burns style feels like a tribute to bands that have retired from the airwaves. Reminding us of fiery Canadian singer Alanis Morissette in some of her songs, it’s possible that Angela has used Morissette as a model for her strong songwriting skills, as Alanis knows how to write a great track and have it be relatable, something that Burns demonstrates throughout the record with no difficulty. Performing in bands since childhood has also prepared Angela for the long road ahead when it comes to making a living off of music, and it has certainly shaped the tracks that we hear on her debut, as she gets her dark rock and roll vision across well, now that she is a solo act.

“Roots (scratch track)” is piano tinged soul song that brings an R&B and jazz influence to Feel Better. The overdubbed vocals give the track warmth and vibrancy, something that the rest of the record hasn’t included. With that said, aside from this new feel the track itself sounds repetitive and bland, and is certainly the weakest track on the mix tape.

Angela ends her record with the release’s title song, and we are reintroduced to her grunge roots, which is something that she does best. By including subtle double bass drums, Burns has labeled herself as a rock musician as well as a songwriter that brings together a myriad of genres to make an album that illustrates who Angela is as an artist, making her debut the right first step in finding her full musical voice as she continues her career.

You can listen to a selection from the mix tape titled “Napoleon” below.



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