Australian rock band The Quick and The Dead set to travel far with new self-titled album

Photo by: Cameron Sharrock

Photo by: Cameron Sharrock


Releasing their debut album Hunger in 2014, Australian rock band The Quick & The Dead, followed up the LP with an EP titled Folk N Flight, which expanded their fan base in southern Australia. One year later, they are back with a new full-length album which is self-titled. Throughout the record the group performs well, bringing plenty of emotion and experiences into their songwriting, releasing a record that will be a favorite among indie rock fans.

Opening with the appropriately titled track “Intro,” The Quick & The Dead introduce their audience to their laid back performance style, with an acoustic intro that sets the tone for the rest of the release. “Chapter 1” is the record’s next song, and its country influenced vibe is a nice backdrop to their rock and roll sound. Adding more of a punk style drum beat, listeners get to hear early on the variety of influences that The Quick & The Dead bring to their latest LP.

“Chapter II” reintroduces the bands country leanings, with a haunting melody that fits the emotion of the song. While the group performs plenty of different styles throughout their self-titled release, folk music creeps in as well, which makes up the bulk of “Chapter II,” making it difficult to categorize their music.

“Look Alive” is the next song and records strongest track. With a beautiful sound all the way through, “Look Alive” is wonderfully done and well written lyrically. “Chapter IV” is perhaps the most mysterious sounding tune on The Quick & The Dead, with its acoustic style being another highlight of the record.

While the band has become more noticed in southern Australia, the group’s latest effort will certain become a hit among music fans in other parts of the country, and we hope that one day The Quick & The Dead will reach a larger audience that stretches to other continents.

Listen to “The Blacksmith” below.



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