Crimson Calamity release fiery and honest EP with All In The Cards

crimson calamity all in the cards

All In The Cards, the new EP from country duo Crimson Calamity is a fiery and honest EP that makes us want to hear more from the female duo, as their chemistry is something to be envious of. The opening track “Dead Man’s Hand” introduces us to Mallory Trunnell and Lauren Harding who sing together flawlessly and their version of alternative-country music will sway music fans who are resistant to the country sound. “Rock Bottom” comes up next, and the crunchy hard rock edge of the song, adds another twist in the duo’s country influenced tunes. While many country songs heard today heavily rely on pop elements to give the track decent radio play, Crimson Calamity bring a certain authenticity to the genre that we don’t hear too often anymore. Nothing we hear on the EP feels too much or overdone, and the blending of their chosen genres ends with good results.

“Line ‘Em Up and Shoot ‘Em Down” is a bouncy track that feels the most pop orientated out of the EP’s four cuts. While most of All In The Cards features Mallory and Lauren singing together, on this song, we hear each of them solo at different points, which allows us to hear their individual voices, leading us to fully realize that they are both very capable vocalists. Lastly, we have “Pistols” a quieter acoustic track that features both women singing melodic harmonies over an acoustic guitar. Beautiful and captivating, “Pistols” is the perfect ending to a release that should be heard by every country fan that isn’t looking for modern country songs.

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