Feature: Horse Party, Paydirt EP

horse party

Paydirt, the latest EP from British rock band Horse Party, is a lively and punchy release that indie rock fans will adore for its biting feel along with the group’s impressive chops and a chemistry that feels natural. Taking cues from 1970’s punk bands, Horse Party’s independent spirit shines through, leading all three tracks on Paydirt to feel raw, real, and catchy. Having a female vocalist helps the group as well, as it provides a slightly different angle to their music, while proving that women can rock just as hard as men. The only complaint about the release is its repetitive feel, making the songs blend with each other, leading each individual track to sound like one long tune. Minor complaints aside, Horse Party is a musically strong band, with many great qualities in their songwriting and music that make us forget their flaws.

You can listen to Paydirt below.

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