Julia Thomsen Soothes With ‘Paradise’


Scottish-born composer Julia Thomsen is serenading ears once again with her beautiful new composition, “Paradise.”

Often one to charm her way to the forefront of the classical space, Julia gets the emotions flowing with her tender performance. “Paradise” opens with a piano overture which is easy to get lost in with its tranquil texture. It is sentimental and a reflection of the beauties in the world; however, this is no surprise because nature plays a vital influence on Julia’s work.

A violin lead also rises in the midsection of the release; it gives the composition a new lease of life with a peaceful essence which is an instant tear-jerker. But, the violin takes over the entire mix, and the piano becomes somewhat lost in the compound, which is a shame given the potency of the piano arrangement. As a result, potentially bringing the violin down a few notches could have been even more advantageous to enable the soundscape to stun even more.

Nevertheless, the piano does get more of a focus towards the closing stage. Here, it rises once again with an emotionally rich texture. But, as it does get back into gear, the track suddenly drives to a halt. As a result, it leaves a feeling of wondering what is next. It appears as though there is more to come in the closing passage but, it ends after only 1 minute and 23 seconds. However, the cliff hanger technique does leave an indent.

You can take a listen to “Paradise” by Julia Thomsen below.


*This review is by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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