Nwando Babes Is Red Hot With New Release “Put In The Work”


Nwando Babes is contagious, but for all the right reasons. Moreover, her new release, “Put In The Work” places her high on 2021’s freshest pop radar.

The singer is from the UK, but she adopts a vibe that comes from further afield. Furthermore, the mix fuses many styles into the track with a dance-pop flow blended with a reggae-esque movement. The many sounds strengthen the foundation with a tapping beat which often changes shape as the track progresses. Additionally, it keeps the excitement in motion and prevents any form of monotonous feel from occurring.

Also, it is not just the music that is full of character; Nwando’s vocals are equally flavorsome. Vocally, Nwando is unorthodox, and she stands firmly on her own two feet; and it is refreshing given the number of tracks that follow the norm. Nwando is not chasing anybody, and she does not believe in having to do all the work in a relationship. Who can blame her? Also, she backs up her message with her absolute singing confidence, and she takes the lead from the start.

The chorus is memorable, and it flows with zest. Also, a soft male vocal backing appears to give the track added weight, although the male vocalist does come and go in a flash. In the closing stages, an arpeggiated synth lead drips onto the mix, and it gives a new essence to the blend, splitting it up seamlessly. Nevertheless, the finale is where Nwando truly gets to work with her vocals covering the mix like a warm blanket.


*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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