Larmheim unleashes creative but noisy debut record Cent Soleils

larnheim cover

Henri de Saussure also known as Larmheim is a twenty-six year old electronic music extraordinaire, and his creativity has been unleashed full force on his new record Cent Soleils, however for anyone who doesn’t enjoy electronic music (or EDM), Larmheim cuts you off within the first minute of the opening track One Second Before The Most Blinding Light of All.” While many electronic artists use computerized instruments that still sound musical, de Saussure has used nearly every kind of sound imaginable to create his music, and while his ideas are interesting, it sounds like he’s catering to a certain crowd.

“Blinding Light” is a three minute track that takes clusters of sounds and tries to turn them into something that feels like music, but ultimately fails. Nothing on the song really turns into anything coherent, which is when we start to question de Saussure and his motives behind the release. Maybe appealing to the diehard EDM fan is what Henri had in mind, though with the hodgepodge of noise that makes up Cent Soleils, we aren’t really sure. “Faurmanter” takes the same path, which is a bombardment of sounds that don’t flow together, leading us to believe that many of de Susassure’s ideas are primarily filler and with the hope that something sticks, maybe someone will get some enjoyment out of it.

Lastly, we listen to the closing number “Rumori Danza” an almost twelve minute long slog through more haphazard sounds, and if this is the end of Henri’s creation, we can’t predict anything about the next chapter of his career as everything we hear leaves much to be desired.

You can listen to the track “Video Game Soundtrack” below.


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