Munroe releases haunting self-titled debut EP


On her debut self-titled EP, actress Kathleen Munroe likes to keep things simple, releasing only seven songs that show off her breezy and silky voice. Recorded between shooting ABC’s Resurrection, where she played Rachael Braidwood, and living in Los Angeles, Munroe has released her first EP to good results. Fans of Resurrection got a taste of Munroe’s vocal chops during the last episode of the show where her character sings Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy” and right away we realized that Kathleen can really sing. While her voice wouldn’t be fitting for a rock band, the acoustic sound that she brings to Munroe demonstrates to us that she can do more than just act.

The EP’s opening track “Bloodlet” talks about tackling a demon inside, and Munroe’s light voice really fits the haunting guitar and the mood that the song tries to set. While the track is nothing spectacular, everything goes together well, and for those listeners who enjoy songs that have a lighter feel, Munroe is a great release to listen to. “Bonnie” is a track that sounds a bit more spritely, as we hear a hint of a Beach Boys influence, possibly inspired by Munroe living in Southern California. While this song has a muddier feel, the guitars vibrant sound brings some spice to Kathleen’s voice and the music she is making.

Munroe closes with “Nothing Is Funny” a piano ballad that really demonstrates the beauty of her voice, and while we hear an acoustic guitar strumming in the background, the tune would have been just fine if it were just piano and vocals, as we get a chance to really experience how full Kathleen’s vocal range is.

While Munroe is a strong debut, we are looking forward to hearing more from Kathleen and all she has to offer, but for now her debut EP has enough life in it to be played for a long time as her fans are left feeling deeply satisfied.

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