Peter Saputo Shares Acoustic Single “Maybe You Will”

San Francisco based musician Peter Saputo has shared his new single “Maybe You Will,” which you can listen to below. Inspired by artists such as Lewis Capaldi, John Mayer, and Dean Lewis, Saputo has slowly began to make his mark on the music industry by racking up over 100,000 streams of his music on Spotify. Talking about “Maybe You Will,” Saputo says, Everything about this song, lyrically, is so personal, yet so relatable.  The song is written about wanting someone who simply doesn’t want you back. The feelings brought out of a situation like this can bring so much anxiety, self-doubt, and heartache to an individual. You keep thinking these things to yourself until you get to a point of thinking to yourself that you’re not good enough; that you will never be good enough.  Who really knows though?  Maybe they will want you back one day.  Maybe you, someday, will be good enough.  All you can do is want something more, when all you should really do is leave.  It’s time to leave.”

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