Plug In Stereo: The Acoustic EP

plug in stereo

The latest EP by Portland musician Trevor Dahl, also known by his stage name Plug In Stereo has released four acoustic songs from his upcoming album. Once again, Plug In Stereo does not disappoint. Following in the footsteps of his previous releases, the songs that Dahl has written for the Acoustic EP are beautiful and simple.

The EP opens up with To Be Wanted, a piano ballad that is about being wanted by someone, platonic or otherwise, while also showing Trevor’s musical gifts, as his vocals shine on this song. The next song, Priceless, brings in a guitar and Trevor’s impressive songwriting abilities. Sounding like a young Jack Johnson, Plug In Stereo is ready for radio airplay, writing radio friendly guitar hooks while drawing in listeners with his warm and inviting voice.

Wait For Me, the third song on the EP has a laidback feel that makes Trevor’s songs very addicting.  When listening to Wait For Me, Trevor’s audience will wish that Plug In Stereo was a much more successful act.  While the hooks are plentiful with catchy moments, the drum beat adds another element to the song that begs for a sing along. The Little Things is the last song on the EP, which is the perfect closing song, with its peaceful vibe and harmonies that will get the crowd singing along. Another positive song about treasuring the little things in life, Plug In Stereo’s appeal will hopefully extend beyond the teenage crowd, as The Acoustic EP shows just how talented Trevor is in his musical pursuits. Plug In Stereo’s full length album will be released soon.

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