Alice Sungurov: Broke My Heart (single)


For sixteen year old musician Alice Sungurov, her latest song “Broke My Heart” is the first of many future hits for the young singer-songwriter who hails from New York City. While Alice has recently started to become noticed for her musical abilities, her love of music and performing started at a very young age, as she picked up a variety of instruments such as guitar and violin, while also participating in talent shows and a number of plays. Diagnosed with a learning disability at the age of four, communication was difficult for Sungurov, but her passion for music and singing would help Alice immensely with communication as it helps her form her thought process. “Broke My Heart” begins with an acoustic guitar and drums, taking on much the same format as Los Angeles indie band Best Coast, as Alice’s vocal style is reminiscent of Bethany Cosentino. Taking cues from hit maker Taylor Swift to create a story around her lyrics, Sungurov pulls listeners into the song as she allows us to visualize what’s going on in the tune since it tells a story, while also allowing us to connect with the track in our own way.

Alice Sungurov is a singer and songwriter who is not to be missed and if she keeps using the same songwriting style, she will find success very quickly.

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