Bad Reed release honest self-titled EP

bad reed ep cover

Brantford, Ontario rock act Bad Reed have released their debut self-titled EP which brings together a wide range of influences from Alt-J, Fugazi, all the way to Esperanza Spalding. Throughout the three song recording, the band gives their audience a worthwhile release that would sound great among the progressive and indie rock bands playing at music festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo. Tracks such as “Punch It” start out slow but gradually gain a strong front that fits with the bands diverse taste. With vocalist Sydney Sollazzo on vocals, she owns the song while giving it a delicate quality that softens the bands harder edges. As guitarist Graham Walker performs a crunchy guitar solo more fit for a metal band than an indie group, we see firsthand the abilities of each musician, convincing us that they can put on a killer live performance, keeping everyone content and coming back for more.

“Slackjaw Romance” is a track more suitable for a rainy day than the music that Bad Reed is writing, however, the song is a beautiful demonstration of Sydney’s range and how the group doesn’t want to be pegged as a band that takes on a one dimensional sound. On this track, simplicity clearly rules, making Bad Reed a band to listen to as soon as possible, if you haven’t heard of them already.

“Cassava” ends Bad Reed on a high note, as the group writes a more subtle rock track that takes on a more brooding tone as the narrator discusses potentially committing suicide, though through the support of a friend or lover, the narrator reconsiders their decision. Intriguing the entire way through, Bad Reed have written an emotional EP that gets to the heart of the bands feelings, bringing forth a certain honesty that only music can convey.

Listen to “Cassava” below.


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