Daphne Willis releases infectious pop EP with Get It

daphne willis get it album

Nashville songwriter Daphne Willis is a pop star in the making. With a sound similar to Meghan Trainor, Willis has released her latest EP Get It, which is a six song release full of pop deliciousness, with songs that are immediate hits. With Meghann Trainor as the songwriter behind the album’s opening track “Done With Bein’ Done”, we become immediately engrossed with Daphne and her bubbly and smooth voice, confident that long term success is right around the corner if she keeps up the infectious pop music she is currently putting out.

Born to parents who are classically trained vocalists and recording engineers, the San Antonio native found herself performing at open mic nights while she was a student studying at DePaul University, which led to her decision to quit school and make music her full time venture. While Get It provides fans with a catchy pop album that is likeable right away, she also shares hints of R&B on “Soul Thang” while incorporating horns into the track to give it a warm feel. While Willis has clearly mastered pop, after listening to “Soul Thang”, the track helps us picture her moving to other genres as well, if only for experimentation.

“Get It” the records title track closes out the release, and reminds us quite a bit of vocalist Sara Bareilles and her 2008 hit “Gonna Get Over You”, a track that is immediately catchy and one that can be listened over and over again without growing stale.

With a strong musical background and a clear direction, Daphne Willis has a bright future ahead of her, making us excited for what’s to come for Daphne and the songs that she releases in the years ahead.

You can watch the video for “Done With Bein’ Done” below.



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