Dimestore Prophets: Be Yourself

Be Yourself CD Cover

Be Yourself , the latest album from Washington state band Dimestore Prophets is a catchy record that bridges together a wide range of influences including Sublime, The Clash, and Bob Marley. Sounding somewhat similar at times to the Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies, Dimestore Prophets have crafted some of the catchiest music of 2014. The band has been bringing “feel good music” to the Pacific Northwest since 2009 and have played over 200 shows since then, and with their latest release, their amount of performances will only increase, as they are a band you won’t want to miss after listening to their latest effort.  Be Yourself kicks off with “Be Yourself in Time” a catchy blend of alternative rock and pop that will immediately turn heads and have people wondering why they haven’t gotten radio airplay. While the band also has hints of the band O.A.R (Of A Revolution) throughout, the band tries their best to stick to their reggae inspired roots and everything about the song works incredibly well together.

“Our Story” is the records third track and its more laidback pop orientated vibe keeps up with the bands bright and vibrant style, and while it doesn’t offer any new surprises, it would be a great choice for a single, as the song will get stuck in your head. Fans will also enjoy the more bluesy twist the band gives the song, as they also include an organ on the track. “Draw For Love” will be a surprise for fans as the song takes on a darker tone than the previous tracks, though it still flows with the rest of Be Yourself. “Sunny Day” is the records last track and its heavy reggae sound feels like a song Sublime would write, while being just as good as the rest of the record.

On Be Yourself there is not one bad song, and every tune is strong enough to be a single. While Dimestore Prophets have played a very small amount of shows throughout their short time together, Be Yourself will not only set them up for more performances, but wider recognition, as Be Yourself demonstrates perfectly that they deserve to be heard beyond the Pacific Northwest.


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