Dylan Sneed: Texodus

texodus dylan sneed

Dylan Sneed’s 2010 release Texodus is a folk album tinged with rough edges and beauty that will make Sneed’s audience fall in love with his songs, as he is dedicated to his new found career and true calling: playing music for all who will listen.  After abandoning the corporate world in Dallas, TX in 2006, Sneed took on the unpredictable career path of an independent musician, and with Texodus, he has shown that he has the drive and grit to succeed no matter what the cost.

Texodus, the opening song is a warm folk tune with a light snare drum and vocals at the forefront. With this opening number, Sneed invites listeners to pull up a chair and become fully engrossed in his music. The Garden, a slow ballad, which shows that simplicity is best when composing a song. With beautiful and rich harmonies throughout, The Garden is sure to be a hit among fans.

The tune Selfish Boy is an upbeat song that is great for dancing, as it provides skillful musical ability with vocals that are sure to please.  While Dylan Sneed’s success is slowing coming to the surface, Texodus is sure to be a hit several years after its release. Currently, Sneed has a Kickstarter Campaign to promote Texodus at radio stations around the globe, as well as funding his next European tour.

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