Feature: Attic Empire, “Between The Tides”

attic empire

After several years of touring extensively throughout their home state of California, Los Angeles band Attic Empire has released their latest EP Astro Getaway, which features songs that are written by a band that sound older than their years. Labeling their music “space funk” their latest single “Between The Tides”, is one of the catchiest tunes out there right now. With a razor sharp horn section and drummer Robert Conrad locking in the beat with amazing precision, you won’t be able to get enough of one of the best bands you’ve never heard of. As Attic Empire wraps you up in their spicy and sizzling tunes, you will wonder why no one has picked up on them sooner, while also questioning how soon it will be before they blow up and make a name for themselves in the increasingly tough music industry, but something tells us that Attic Empire won’t have trouble breaking in.

You can listen to “Between The Tides” below.


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