Loud Hound Shares New Track “Melancholy Boy”

Loud Hound has shared his latest single “Melancholy Boy,” which you can check out below. Nodding to his influences of Oasis, Tame Impala, and others Loud Hound writes profoundly about depression and moving past the honeymoon stage of a relationship in “Melancholy Boy.”

Talking about the experiences that inspired the song, the group’s lone member Tommy Florio says, “The song is kind of like an ode to myself being a sad boy and the indecisiveness that comes with incompatible love that is blinded by infatuation.” Inspired by the in-between period people go through in relationships when they are past the honeymoon phase, “Melancholy Boy” is about falling in love with the idea of someone, rather than who they are. “I don’t know maybe it’s just me and the relationships I’ve had, but basically I really loved this girl and our relationship was awesome in the honeymoon period and then after life started settling in and we really got to know each other we just weren’t really compatible. And every time we would break up, see other people, ignore each other for months and then get back together and I would eventually realize that I’m running in circles and I don’t really love her and I love the girl who I thought she was. And I think because of my depression and anxiety problems I often blamed myself.”


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