Lydia Singer Releases New Single “Lemme Know”


Lydia Singer is taking giant strides with her new release “Lemme Know”. It is a pop track which fuses an RnB influence, and the result is contagious.

For anyone who loves a strong vocal, this track is for you. Furthermore “Lemme Know” bites like no other track out there at the moment. Vocally, Lydia is a force, and since her surname is Singer is proof that she was born to do this.

“Lemme Me” kicks off with a cool opener which rises to the top, and it meets an inspirational melody from Singer. She sings with everything she has, and her message sticks deep from the moment she reaches for the microphone. Slightly cheesy at times, the message is a love story of Singer wanting her partner to express themselves more clearly.

Musically, “Lemme Know” offers something for just about everybody. Furthermore, the beat shuffles its way forward, and a combination of sounds meet the rhythm in the center. Moreover, we hear a cowbell popping at times, as well as a harp which plucks at the heartstrings, creating an interesting mix of sounds.

Towards the latter, Lydia gets even more intense with a vocal finale which will have you itching to hit replay, as the music leaves an indent with its texturized quality and sharpness.

You can take a listen to “Lemme Know” below.

*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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