LZYBY Releases Distinctive New Track “Frustration”


London born singer, LZYBY is charming his way to the top with his latest release “Frustration“. If it is the first time that you’ve come come across LZYBY and his music, you may find yourself wishing that you had discovered him earlier. His music has qualities that stand out for all the right reasons – His tone is unorthodox, and his approach to songwriting is refreshing, leaving us wanting to get lost in the music he has dropped so far.

Frustration” is all about acceptance. Moreover, LZYBY explains how generations before us would most likely hate the way we are today, and maybe he is right. Thought the ultimate message behind “Frustration” is that everybody is unique, and we should all aim to be ourselves every single day.

Lyrically, he expresses himself like a poet. As a result, he proves that he is not just a great songwriter but also a potent storyteller too. The best tracks lead us on a journey, and ‘Frustration’ does just that.

Musically, “Frustration” delves far into the pop realm, as it sounds similar to the music which would pop out of an 80s chart. However, it does not have the cliche pop sound which you may come to expect from a new pop artist. Overall, “Frustration” is a pop tune which keeps on giving every time one hits the play button. Even as listeners consistently spin the track, it will keep hitting them with a fresh bite with every listen.

Listen to “Frustration” below.


*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.


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