New Found Glory: Resurrection


For New Found Glory, their new album Resurrection is a bit of a rebirth, not necessarily for their music, but for their lineup. On December 13th, 2013, New Found Glory fans were hit with the news of guitarist Steve Klein’s departure, which was a result of “personal differences” with the rest of his band mates. However, on that same day, Klein was also charged with multiple felonies which included lewd acts with a minor and possession of child pornography. After the band learned of the charges against Klein, the group decided to continue on with only four members, with guitarist Chad Gilbert taking over the guitar parts for the band’s new album. Resurrection has largely the same sound and style of the bands last few albums, as they have abandoned the pop punk sound of their early records, and have adopted more of a hardcore style and feel with chugging guitars and double bass drums. This style of music fits them well, as the band seems to be the most comfortable playing hardcore music, as this genre made up a large part of the groups influences when they first began playing together in 1997.

The album opens with the records lead single “Selfless”, a biting track that shows that the band is ultimately okay with only one guitarist. Still sounding like the powerhouse band they have succeeded at becoming, the song is one of the best tracks the group has written. Written about living life to the fullest and not wanting to miss a moment, so much so that front man Jordan Pundik sings that he “can catch up on my sleep when I die”, the group looks to be embracing positivity and leaving Klein’s criminal problems behind them. The album’s third track “The Worst Person” is a fast punk inspired track that reflects on the bands feelings about Steve and his pornography case. The song certainly feels angry and very final. Once the track ends, we get the sense that “The Worst Person” is the only window that fans and the media will have into how the band really feels about their former band mate, and any questions that come up after the song is released will not be discussed.

We are then introduced to more lighthearted songs such as “Stories of a Different Kind”, a punchy track that serves as advice for the younger bands that are just getting started today in today’s music business. In interviews, the band has said the song discusses being a young and naïve band out on the road for the first time, while trying to navigate the maze of touring and being a working band. On this track, Gilbert plays some of the most complex riffs we’ve heard in the New Found Glory catalogue, and the track demonstrates just how far he has come as a guitarist in the nearly eighteen years he has been a part of New Found Glory.

The album’s closing track “On My Own” is very much like the tracks before it, except this time it feels like the song is rushed and choppy. Still keeping with the hardcore sound that the group has perfected over the last few years, the track doesn’t point in a new direction, and leaves fans questioning where the group could go next. Despite feeling this, as a whole Resurrection feels like the start of a new chapter for New Found Glory as they put the past behind them and embrace the future ahead of them.


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