Nick Jonas: Jealous


Nick Jonas has come a long way from his days as the youngest member of The Jonas Brothers when he started the band at age thirteen. Now the almost twenty-two year old is striking out on his own as a solo artist to surprisingly good results. Just last year, The Jonas Brothers, which also included Kevin and Joe Jonas, broke up after nearly a year of keeping fans patiently waiting for new songs and a new album. Titled V, or “five”, the album was supposed to represent how much the band had changed since the Jonas Brothers last released an album in 2009. The brothers, who were products of Disney Channel fame, could never find their footing as an adult band, which was probably the reason why the group struggled to release more grown up music. After an album announcement and the release of the song “Pom Poms”, along with an American tour that was cancelled due to poor ticket sales, the band announced their breakup on Good Morning America.

A year later, Nick has released “Jealous,” a slick pop tune with bursts of disco, and it is different than any other music he has released in the past, with the exception of “Chains” a sultry track that was released in August. Both tunes will be featured on Nick’s new album titled Nick Jonas which will be released in early November. The most notable component of Nick’s new tunes is the confidence he displays in his vocals. Throughout his time with the Jonas Brothers, Nick sounded like a teenage boy going through puberty, and did not represent the man he was growing up to be. His time on Broadway performing in Les Miserable’s in 2010 helped him learn how to really sing, and by the end of his ten year career with his brothers, his vocals sounded like he was a grown man. On “Jealous”, we hear Jonas making full use of his range with the higher notes being the highlight of the track.

The song is also immensely personal, as he talks about being jealous of other guys who stare at his current girlfriend Olivia Culpo, winner of the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. Since Nick is still young, the songs inspiration may seem juvenile, but Jonas certainly has a lot of talent, and while his relevance was rocketed into oblivion as the Jonas Brothers laid dormant for nearly four years, his new music presents a large chance of bringing him back to the shining lights of the stage and changing his former image as a teen star.

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