Plum are bringing back the 60’s and 70’s with new EP

plum album cover

Denver, Colorado rock band Plum have certainly made a name for themselves in the past few years as they have opened for musicians such as Win Butler, The Districts, and Charles Bradley, spreading the word about their addicting music. On their latest EP titled Light Years, Dark Years, the band have put together a collection of songs that old school rock fans will love, as Plum’s music sounds like something that comes from the 1960’s or 70’s, with their fiery guitar riffs and muddy sounding tracks, which have a cool and relaxed vibe.

The opening tune, the EP’s title track, is a song that has a great melody that we latch onto immediately. With a strong sense of harmony between the band members, Plum have done a fantastic job at strategically placing each song in the right spot for the release, as each one sounds like it builds on one another. Continuously bouncy with explosive guitar licks throughout, the group is one that is instantly likable, as they succeed at making their music sound entirely unique.

“Drip” the third track on Light Years, includes an organ which the group introduces halfway through the record, which adds texture to the song while also completing it and giving it the life  it needs to become one of Plum’s more popular hits. Showing off their mean guitar skills, guitarists Kyle Miller and Ty Baron are extremely talented musicians who have obviously perfected the bands psychedelic sound, while projecting a similar playing style that closely mirrors the group’s influences.

Lastly, we have “Hypnagaga” a funky guitar driven song that really brings out the harmonies that the group have become so good at singing. Throughout, we hear the bands influence from Cream and The Strokes, as Plum’s older sounding music is rough around the edges while still being highly entertaining to the fans that were born long after Plum’s chosen style became popular.

While Plum may have trouble relating to the youngest generation of music fans, their songs will certainly have no issues winning over people in their twenties and thirties, while also finding enthusiastic support from the Baby Boomer generation. Consistently catchy and inspiring, this will not be the last of Plum or their old fashioned jams.

Listen to the record’s title track below.



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