The Liquorsmiths release highly entertaining record with This Book Belongs To

the liquorsmiths

On The Liquorsmiths new record This Book Belongs To, the San Diego based band play folk and rock music that is catchy and soulful, while also being highly entertaining. After performing at many festivals and going on a handful of tours up and down the West Coast, The Liquorsmiths music sounds original and heartfelt while also being something that you will want to listen to many times over.

The album’s opening track “Coy With Me” is a breezy soft rock tune that gives fans of the group a taste of their overall style, while pointing in the direction of The Liquorsmiths future records. Consistently confident throughout the track, “Coy” is a listenable tune that has memorable hooks and great musicianship. While the release is comprised of mostly folk inspired cuts, the group takes things up a notch by writing a pleasing pop song that becomes lodged in our memory quickly, making the San Diego rockers a band that sticks out from the start.

Playing with a sense of urgency, front man Drew Thams plays a reggae inspired riff on the track “Get Well Soon” that nods to the bands varied influences, while still sounding like an authentic rock act. “Thief” is the one slow song on Book, and while The Liquorsmiths are great at playing faster and more mid-tempo tracks, “Thief” demonstrates their melodic side while not sounding to monotonous for the fans that enjoy their speedier tunes.

The only track that sounds uninspired is “Devil I Do”, a selection about seeing the world and taking risks. The song sounds like something that was written on the fly, and while everything flows together, the song sounds lazily written and is by far the records weakest tune.

Overall, The Liquorsmiths have put much heart and passion into their music which is heavily illustrated throughout their latest release. While there were some downsides, This Book Belongs To is an album that feels raw and honest, leaving the groups audience feeling satisfied that they have listened to a record that feels fresh and well done.

You can listen to “Get Well Soon” below.


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