The Strokes: Comedown Machine


The Strokes have just released their latest album Comedown Machine, a record full of pop and disco influenced tracks. Based in New York City, the group formed in 2001, and has had continued success throughout their career, while honing their garage rock sound to perfection.  However, Comedown Machine is not your typical garage rock record; it is so much more than that. The opening song One Way Trigger is a catchy opening number that fuses disco and rock together that will grab the listener’s attention with the bouncy drum beat and the clean, bright guitar part that paints a vivid preview for the remaining songs on the record. 80’s Comedown Machine is another crowd pleaser and definite single material, as the group heads more towards their typical indie rock sound. The only complaint about this tune would have to be lead singer Julian Casablancas, who seems to be straining his vocal chords at times in order to give off a more gritty rock and roll edge to the track. With the song sounding like it was recorded in a garage, it will give old fans a familiar taste of previous records.

Subsequently after giving fans a dose of adrenaline, the record slows down a bit with 50/50 which brings in an electronic influence that is different from the rest of the songs. 50/50 sounds very bland and has an odd presence, considering that Comedown Machine is The Strokes best album of the bands career so far. After listening to several colorful tunes, this song could be labeled as filler for an otherwise good album. Partners In Crime is an 80’s sounding tune, going heavy on the synths, but still heading in a positive direction for the band.

For music fans that were not fond of The Strokes before this release, Comedown Machine may convince them of The Strokes undeniable talent for writing catchy songs that have substance and quantity.

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