Jonas Brothers: Pom Pom’s (single)

jonas brothers pom poms

After a three year hiatus the Jonas Brothers are back with their new single titled “Pom Poms.” After releasing solo albums, performing on Broadway and the West End, and oldest brother Kevin getting married, all three brothers are now in their 20’s and the glitzy pop track demands attention. The song begins with a whistle being blown, telling listeners that it’s time to listen up as change is on the horizon for the group. The song’s sexual meaning has angered longtime fans of the group, who discovered the trio in their Disney Channel days when the brothers wore purity rings and were open about their Christian faith.

Image aside, “Pom Pom’s” is very different from any of the band’s previous work. More suited for a dance club, the song includes strong vocals from middle brother Joe Jonas, and deeper vocals from youngest brother Nick, who has learned to use his voice properly as there is not a squeak to be heard on the song. Another great addition is the choir, which goes nicely with the chorus and adds spice.

While the song is at times repetitive, the risk that the Jonas Brothers have taken is a good one. Wanting to distance themselves from their Disney Channel days, the group has proven that they can write and produce a track that shows another side of them that hasn’t been seen before, by pushing the envelope as they head down the path to playing music as adults, without the ties of a children’s television channel strangling their newfound maturity. The only negative aspect of the track is the break in the song when a group of cheerleaders begin chanting “do you want to see me put my pom pom’s down, then sing it to me”, which sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard, and takes away from the catchy sports arena vibe the song has.

With this latest jump in maturity, their yet to be released fifth album should be an interesting listen as the group has finally made its entrance into the adult world.


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