The Unravelling release brash and emotional single with “Master Drone”

the unraveling

“Master Drone” the latest single from Canadian metal band The Unravelling, is a track that will hit listeners in the gut with its biting guitar riffs and sharp vocals from front man Steve Moore and his band mate Gus De Beauville. Diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Moore underwent surgery and as a result had plenty of time to write and create the music he has released today. While “Master Drone” and its lyrics don’t focus specifically on his cancer demons, it’s obvious that the music that Steve has written has been a positive outlet as he works through the emotions related to his disease. As he takes his audience along for a musical ride, we truly get a sense of what Moore has gone through and where he wants to go in the future with his brash and in your face songs. Consistently powerful from start to finish, “Master Drone” is a track that is a wonderful introduction to the group and their lively style of metal music.

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