Valora merge together shimmering pop and energetic rock in new single “React”


On their latest single “React”, Valora initially sounds like an overproduced pop band with lead singer Syd Duran showing off her powerhouse vocals that gives the song a striking presence throughout, leading us to wonder about the overall direction of Valora. While Duran’s voice is certainly a highlight of the track, it’s the bands ability to intertwine Breaking Benjamin style rock with shimmering pop that makes the tune a memorable one. In the video released for the song, the group shows off their boundless energy with head banging that reminds of us of early Paramore, while still making the song entirely their own. While pop music has had an absence of guitar influenced songs in the past few years, it’s nice to see a band bring the instrument back to being the focal point of a group, along with having a female front woman who knows how to own a song.

While Valora is still a new band that is still breaking onto the scene, it feels like once more people recognize their potential they won’t have a problem blowing up, as their music has already started to create a small fire, leaving a short amount of time before the flames start to grow.

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