Boy From the Crowd write distinctive punk and blues record on Where The Bees Come To Die

boy from the crowd ep cover

Where The Bees Come To Die, the latest EP from London based punk duo Boy From The Crowd is a punk record with blues influences ranging from Robert Johnson to Jon Spencer. Opening the release is “Revelator,” a punchy track that takes us back to the 1970’s and The Clash’s critically acclaimed release London Calling, as front man Vinny Piana sounds nearly identical to Joe Strummer, one of punk’s most iconic front men.

“All I Need” is a blues track that follows in the footsteps of The Black Keys, as the band stays edgy by incorporating wailing rock and roll, with the emotional sound of blues music remaining present throughout. Everything up until this point works out perfectly, though the group goes astray from the direction of the record about half way through the album’s title track, which is the releases closing number. The group slows things down a bit by playing a nice slow rock tune, and then less than a minute into the song they decide they want to try on the jam band hat, and while they sound fine trying to accomplish this task, too many sounds are incorporated, leaving the tune feeling muddy and out of place.

While Boy From The Crowd have released some solid and undeniably good songs, there are a few things that they need to work on as they progress further into their music career.

Watch the bands music video for “All I Need” below.


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