D•SIPAUL Smashes It With ‘It’s No Good’

D•SIPAUL unleashes his new single, ‘It’s No Good‘, and it will have electronic fans coming back for more.

Furthermore, electronic fans will be relishing this one from D•SIPAUL, who hails from England, with its top-class arrangement and robust foundation. It kicks off with crushing synth, which slowly meets a backbeat rhythm. Once they both synergize, the coin gets flipped, and we head straight into a piercing instrumental section.

Freya Alley who sings on this record then reaches forward to the microphone, and if this your first time hearing Alley, she proves she has what it takes to compete at the top. Her tone may remind listeners slightly of New Zealand musician Ladyhawke, while also displaying confidence which many may mistake for an artist with heaps more experience that flies under the radar.

The track progresses innovatively, and the verse and the chorus do not follow the status quo with it not being easy to decipher where the verse ends and the chorus starts. However, while the track may veer from the normal electronic sound, and it pays off massively with the excitement flowing for the entirety.

Towards the end, the music suddenly comes to a halt. The synth then rises again like it did in the opener and we move into one of the most anthemic electronic finales of 2020. Moreover, the closing stage is infectious, with a new aura taking the focal position, ending a song that we can’t stop listening to.

You can take a listen to the new single, ‘It’s No Good‘ by D•SIPAUL below.


*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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