Tanaka Makoni Is Back With ‘The Streets’

Tanaka Makoni is back with her latest R&B and soul delivery, ‘The Streets‘, and it is a release which gives us a candid insight into the upbringing of the London rapper.

Throughout the song, her message is all about struggling growing up in the capital of England, and she makes it clear how lonely she feels on the streets. Her message takes us back to the start and leads us to the present time. Lyrically, it is impressive, and Tanaka leads us on a memorable journey. “The Streets” gets underway with a jazzy overture with brass instruments rising out from the instant, with Tanaka then leaping forward, as she sings with utmost confidence, and it is almost possible to reach out and touch the passion in her voice.

As the track progresses, a mixture of new sounds become present; however, the foundation stays relatively the same old throughout. Therefore it would be even more cogent if the structure took different routes along the way to keep the excitement flowing. Nevertheless, it does its job, and Tanaka wants the spotlight to be on the vocals and who can blame her.

Overall, ‘The Streets‘ is a release which keeps on giving. It has a warmth to it, even though the lyricism is heartfelt and moving. Also, the mix production is on point, giving the singer a USP to the countless number of other tracks which are catapulting out of the game. However, is this Tanaka’s best track to date? It is certainly up there at the top.

You can take a listen to ‘The Streets‘ by Tanaka Makoni below. Also, be sure to follow Tanaka on her official social media accounts.


*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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