Amanda Marie Wilkinson Unleashes Debut Single ‘Spiritual Level’

Spiritual Level” is the first track to come from Houston, Texas newcomer Amanda Marie Wilkinson. It is a fresh collection of electronic sounds, and Amanda’s vocal will have you hooked instantly.

It all gets underway with a piercing overture, as an anthemic bass synth gradually rises to the top of the mix, and it meets Amanda’s vocal impeccably. Wilkinson’s vocal oozes confidence from the start, and her passion drips all over the sturdy mix like a leaking spout. Uniquely, Amanda has a sharp quality which is challenging to compare with the majority of other singers in this space, though it is what gives Amanda a strong USP, and although her tone is super high at times, it works, and it provides the track with a memorable flavor. Musically, computerized sounds jump out left right and center, and the mixture of new elements stimulates from start to finish. Carrying a commercial dance vibe at times, it is perfect for anyone who craves EDM but with a pop angle included for good measure.

The highlight other than the lead vocal is the brazen drop, as it is one of those drops that will get fans going wild at live shows time and time again. It also has a fearless quality, and it sounds delightful blasting through the speakers of anyone listening. Overall, ‘Spiritual Level‘ is a strong debut from Amanda. So much so, that anyone listening is already craving the next release. Will it follow a similar pattern? Only time will tell.

Watch the music video for “Spiritual Level” below.

*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.



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