Jameel Mason Drops “Quarantine Mami”


Jameel Mason is one of the hardest working rappers to grace the airwaves in recent times. His sound is infectious, and the hours he puts into mastering his work is paying off with his new track “Quarantine Mami” catapulting him to glorious heights.

On this release, he has brought in popular female vocalist, Alix Ford and between them, they unleash genuine power. Pushing through the contemporary noise, Mason kicks off with a rap which grips like a bikers mitt. He raps as if his world depends on it and he never minces his words with him articulating conspicuously.

The track does everything which it says on the tin. It is a post lockdown mix with Mason hitting home with a message which many will find appropriate. He sings about spending quarantine with his lover. He wants them to be his quarantine buddy, and although the recipient of his message is not audible, it is undoubtedly someone who means a lot to the New Jersey star.

Following a structure which we regularly hear from the greats such as Drake, the pair combine their talent to make a memorable track, making the addition of Ford the potent machine it is. Her vocal is awe-inspiring, and it adds a new layer to the refreshing sound. Furthermore, Ford glides forward with conviction, and her honest vocal is impressive, though her voice could be a bit more harmonious in places. I believe it would introduce even more flavor to the track, though nevertheless, they do have power in their solo performance.

You can take a listen to “Quarantine Mami” by Jameel Mason below.


*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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