Jennifer Porter Captivates With Blues Album Sun Come And Shine

Jennifer Porter’s new album Sun Come and Shine is currently doing the rounds around the blues-rock realms, and it is no surprise that many have welcomed it with open arms, as each track is a salient gem that grabs the attention with groovy bass lines, slick guitar riffs and vocals which could melt through butter.

Porter, who is based in Maine,  has said about the release, “Sun Come And Shine is the album I feel most proud of from a songwriting perspective. The songs didn’t feel inspired by any particular event, image, or phrase. Of course I can see that they were if I analyze them retroactively. But, it was all on a subconscious level.” “For each one, bits of melody with the underlying chord changes would come to my mind (usually while doing something rather mindless like mowing the lawn or cleaning). I’d sing and play them into the little digital recorder that I have sitting on my piano for such happy occasions. As I would play each little melodic motif over and over, words would begin to form on my lips — words that felt like they had belonged to that little melody all along.”

“As with most of my songs, I know I was creating them. But, it felt like I was connected to some cosmic creative wellspring. In most cases, I think it was the loyalty I feel to loved ones for the effort, courage, and faith I watch them display daily. In the imagery of the lyrics, only afterwards can I see what may have driven their creations.”

*This review is by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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