Kelly Campbell: Sweet Therapy


Kelly Campbell, a singer-songwriter from Ohio, has released a five-song EP entitled Sweet Therapy. While Campbell herself claims not to have natural talent when it comes to music, this recording proves otherwise. Throughout the album, not not only does her musical skill stand out, but her band’s tightness and fluidity add to the solid musical performance.

The record begins with “Sweet Therapy,” a song that addresses how music can provide solace for many of life’s situations whether happy or sad. The song is a folk tune with shades of country, featuring Campbell’s voice and showing off her talented backing band who support her well. The band paints a colorful backdrop for Campbell, allowing her to express herself, vocally, lyrically, and musically.

“Cody’s Song” is about accepting people for who they are. The song tackles some subjects that are not always happy, yet it maintains a hopeful and gleeful feeling musically. “Something Beautiful In You,” a ballad about Kelly recognizing the beauty in those close to her, is a simple song. But in its simplicity expresses a deep, personal sincerity.

Sweet Therapy is an enjoyable musical venture. Kelly Campbell writes rich and vibrant songs sure to leave a lasting impression. And with Sweet Therapy, Campbell offers an album that both uplifts and inspires.

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