Nataly Dawn: How I Knew Her

nataly dawn how i knew her cover

Nataly Dawn’s new album How I Knew Her is a passionate album which brings up a range of emotions from happy and bright to very sad and dark. Natalie’s first taste of musical fame came when she founded the duo Pomplamoose in 2010; and the group has become a Youtube sensation.  Since breaking out on her own to pursue a solo career, Nataly Dawn’s first album is well done. Bringing in a wide array of percussive instruments, a stand up bass and a banjo, Dawn has created something different that sounds fresh among the artists of today.

Songs like Please Don’t Scream, a bluesy song with wailing guitars and a steady drum beat, will encourage head bobbing as listeners are able to feel the beat as they become immersed in the music. Araceli explores Dawn’s voice, which has a childlike quality. The rise and fall of her vocal range suits the song perfectly as the bouncy quality of the music will leave the audience wanting to hear more.

Halfway through the album, the album takes a darker turn and listeners will hear Nataly’s voice become more gritty and jarring on How I Knew Her, as she tackles a song about an absent parent.  This song features strings and a strong backbeat, which sounds like the snare drum will break at any moment.  Nataly’s songwriting is strong, and it’s good that she can write different sounding songs and not sound redundant.

Nataly Dawn has a wonderful aptitude for music and I look forward to her future albums.

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