Paramore: Now single

paramore now single cover

Paramore is back, and hits fans and critics with a different sound, as well as a much more positive attitude than on 2009’s Brand New Eyes. After a nearly three year hiatus from releasing their last LP, Paramore have released Now, the lead single off of their self titled album, due to come out in April of 2013. Not only is this single different in terms of sound, which has an 80’s electronic vibe, but it is also minus two members, Josh and Zac Farro who left the group on unfriendly terms in 2009. Current Angels and Airwaves drummer Ilan Rubin has taken on the percussion on the new record, and judging from this first single the brief taste of his drumming that fans have received on Now does not disappoint. Solid, and not too fast, it is a nice departure from the fast, complicated drum beats, which were frantically pounded out by Zac Farro. Haley William’s vocals on this track feature her strong vocals, which provides fans with a little of the old familiar sound but Paramore’s usual, but often predictable sound is all but lost on this track.

Taylor York and Jeremy Davis provide great guitar parts and bass lines that drive the song, which is something that makes Paramore songs so likable to so many.  Never simple, the guitar parts are intricate and well played, which set Paramore apart from many of their pop punk peers.

While Now shows Paramore going in a different direction than previous singles or albums, it is a fresh track that shows their growth as musicians and songwriters. Paramore’s self titled 4th album will be released on April 9th, 2013.

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