Patt Todd & The Rankoutsiders: 14th & Nowhere…


The latest release from Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders is 14th & Nowhere…, a record full of great rock tunes that sound like they came straight out of a garage, but in a good way. The album is full of songs that are smartly written and passionately played, and will be adored by older rockers and the current generation. After listening to 14th & Nowhere…, it’s clear that The Rankoutsiders are out to write great music that connects with people. Playing music for over 20 years, Todd is no stranger to rock ‘n’ roll. After starting the Los Angeles group the Lazy Cowgirls in 1983, Pat is now back with a new band that plays solid rock and roll and performs with a passion that is hard to match.

You can read the rest of this review at Coyote Music.

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